Priced With Kindness.
Gradient is sliding scale pricing that considers your ability to pay.

1. Gradient is an equitable way to shop.

2. Log into your Gradient account.

3. Get your price, based on your income.

4. Checkout out, and feel good about it.

Look for Gradient when shopping online!
If you see our seal on a product, it is priced on Gradient’s sliding scale system. And you are shopping at a store that is working to treat its customers equitably!

What does it do?
When you make an account through Gradient and connect your online bank account(s), Gradient estimates your annual income and adjusts the price you pay, within a certain range.
For people whose finances are tight, Gradient lowers prices to ease the burden of purchasing. For people whose finances are above median prices will be higher, and that increase will contribute directly to helping other members of the community

What does it mean?
By using Gradient you are participating in a healthier, more responsible, economic process
Economic disparity in the US is the largest in all of the western world. Gradient and its users believe that we have an obligation towards economic equity -- and that we can build towards that goal together.
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